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At Hawaii Pet Nanny we love pets of all kinds and go out of our way to make sure your pet is safe, happy and content.

At Hawaii Pet Nanny we are committed to the health and well being of your pets. You can depend on your personal Pet Nanny to give your pet the loving attention that they deserve.

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At Hawaii Pet Nanny, we pride ourselves on being "The Next Best Thing to You". Take a look at the services we offer.

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Praise from Happy Pets...

I'm a bundle full of energy so Nanny Lisa takes me for long walks and throws tennis balls for me to fetch. Then she rewards me with a treat after our walk..

At first when my Nanny came over I would hide from her. She let me have my space, fed me, gave me fresh water and cleaned my litter box really well. After a few visits I let her pet me and now I can’t wait for her to come through the door. I like having a Nanny so I can stay at home when my pet parents travel.

- Koa, Nuuanu

With daily visits from my Nanny, I am happy and content. She gives me a lot of love and attention. I follow her all over the house.

- Kuri, Hawaii Loa Ridge

If our pet parents ever put us kennels and separated us we would cry all day long. With a Pet Nanny we can all still be best buddies, play at home, get fed and cared for. We love Pet Nannies!!

- O'Sullivan Pets, Honolulu

My Nanny lets me swim in the pool and she gives me yummy treats! I used get mad when my pet parents would travel, but now, thanks to Hawaii Pet Nanny, it's cool with me!

- Lucy, Waialae Iki

I love my Nanny she gives me love, exercise and fresh water.

- Baron

Kila is so happy with his pet mom and pet grandma!